Tacitus Handgun Training is located in York, SC.  Actual training will be held at a private range. This range accommodates between 3 and 5 students which will allow our instructor to give more focused time to each student.  This will give you a more personal experience and more one on one time during training and drills.  

Although often considered by some not to be the best choice of weapons for personal defense, handguns may in fact be the best choice at the time of a confrontation or the only weapon available. To that end one should know how to defend one's self effectively with a handgun. All handgun courses include the fundamental skills of safe handling, admin and tactical loading, malfunctions, drawing, and tactics. Many courses are declared as tactical; this is because the courses advocate using handguns to defend one's self as compared to a sporting application All of the courses offered are based on the outlines, teachings and principles of the the world’s most experienced and highly regarded instructors from the tactical and self-defense community.

Regardless of your experience level, Tacitus Handgun Training has training courses for you. My mission is to train law abiding, like-minded people in the safe and effective use of firearms and tactics for self-defense.  

We ask that each student comes into each class with an open mind to my style of training, in the hopes that you can take away what is useful and what will work best for you.

Please check the Classes Offered page to see detailed descriptions of our classes and to contact us about scheduling or to obtain more information.


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